Advocacy and Legislative CommitteeRita N. Njoku 

Is responsible for the formulation and presentation of NJPHA's position on legislation and other advocacy matters.

Membership Committee: Kevin McNally
Is responsible for the recruitment and retention of members, overseeing the processing of applications and the distribution of membership materials.

Communications Committee: Chika Ozodiegwu, Teresa Keeler 

Newsletter Committee: Gwyneth Eliasson, Nadine Etienne
Provides oversight of the NJPHA newsletter. Solicits articles and establishes newsletter policies.

Program Committee: Kevin McNally, Paschal Nwako, Oliver Lontok
Provides guidance to all conference planning committees and develops and maintains a program planning guide.

Awards Committee: Jim Brown, Michele Terreri
Members of this committee solicit, review and select the awardees for the annual NJPHA awards.

Finance Committee: Usman Khan, Michele Terreri

Provides oversight of all NJPHA financial matters and develops a budget for the organization each year.