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Join NJPHA’s Leadership Team for 2018-2019!

Dear NJPHA member:
Do you want to become better connected with your public health colleagues who belong to NJPHA?  Do you have any ideas about how our organization (or to put it better, your organization) can better serve your interests and the interest of public health in New Jersey?  Then I invite you to become a member of our leadership team.
The term of office of the current NJPHA officers and Executive Board members expire in December.  So we are looking for volunteers to fill these positions for the 2018-19 term.  The positions that we are looking for members to fill are:
Vice President
2nd Vice President
Executive Board member.
Descriptions of what is involved for each of these positions are attached.
We are also looking for people to fill leadership positions in the following committees:
Annual Conference and programs
We are looking for both long-time members and people who have recently joined us to take these positions.  Experience is always welcome but not required.  Serving in leadership or on committees is a great way to meet people in the field and build networks.  All that is required is a desire to further the cause that is public health.
If interested, please respond to this email address and tell us what position(s) you are interested in and what you'd like to contribute to NJPHA.  If you want to volunteer but don't know what position is best for you, that's OK.  Just tell us that you are interested and what you'd like to do, and we'll match you with the right position.
Please respond as soon as possible, but no later than November 10.
I look forward to working with you.
Kevin McNally, President

Fall 2017 Issue of NJPHA Newsletter

This issue's features: Article by the NJ Commissioner of Health on the integration of physical, mental, and behavioral health care in the Dept. of Health; column from NJPHA's President on traumatic brain injuries and NJPHA's upcoming Annual Conference; and an article with HIPAA facts for public health departments. Fall 2017_NJPHA Newsletter


Summer 2017 Issue of NJPHA Newsletter

This issue's features:

  • Article by the NJ Commissioner of Health on the Department's recent PHAB accreditation and the Population Health Summit
  • Column from NJPHA's President
  • "Save the Date" for NJPHA's 2017 Annual Conference in October
  • Opinion piece from NJLBHA on accreditation in New Jersey
  • Article on the American Health Care Act (AHCA)     Summer 2017


Spring 2017 Issue of NJPHA Newsletter

This issue's features:

  • Article by the NJ Commissioner of Health on the state's opioid crisis
  • Column from NJPHA's President on the proposed federal budget
  • Article on the 80th anniversary of the Monmouth County Regional Health Commission
  • Sources of data on health status, public health workforce, and more  NJPHA Newsletter_Spring2017

Winter 2017 Issue of NJPHA Newsletter

The Winter 2017 issue of NJPHA's newsletter features a column from the NJ Commissioner of Health on the Department's #kNOwLEAD campaign, plus 2 articles on NJPHA's Annual Conference in October and an article on public health data in the U.S. Supreme Court.  newsletter_winter17

NJPHA in the News

In the "Affiliates in Brief" section of THE NATION'S HEALTH (July 2016): "NJ Affiliate advises on climate"


Summer 2016 Issue of NJPHA Newsletter

This edition features the NJDOH Commissioner on the #ZapZika campaign and NJPHA's President on a recent public health advocacy session as well as articles on Public Health Practice Night at Rutgers SPH and the use of law to address barriers to health equity.


Spring 2016 Issue of NJPHA Newsletter

The Spring 2016 issue includes coverage of NJPHA's Annual Meeting from NJPHA's new President as well as articles on the health benefits of walking and walkable communities and the role of academic public health in advocacy and policy. Spring 2016